What is Kyn?

Kyn is a singleplayer video game that mixes exciting team combat with an engrossing world worth exploring. Control powerful warriors in tactical combat built on making smart decisions in tough situations. Kyn is scheduled for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The world of Kyn



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Development Updates

Development update We worked on a lot of things in the last week: First week on Greenlight Music Designed 2 levels (screenshots below) First week on Greenlight We started on Greenlight last tuesday. The first week has been great,...

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Development Update
Jan 21


  • Team-based combat: In Kyn you control a group of highly skilled warriors on a varied battlefield. You are completely free in how you develop your team. Equip your warriors with the best items and optimize their skills for your play-style and the mission at hand. Read More
  • Skill Synergy: Kyn’s skill system is designed as a team-based system. Skills have a big influence on each other, and by equipping your team with the right skills incredibly powerful combinations can be achieved. Read More
  • Mind, Body, Control: Kyn gives you full control of the qualities of your warriors. Want a high speed team of axe warriors, or a slow, methodical team with high defense capabilities? It is all possible. Read More
  • Explore: The world of Kyn is not just a linear battlefield. The world of Kyn is filled with stories, puzzles and challenges. Interact with the locals and solve mysteries in the wolrd of Kyn! Read More
  • Loot, Crafting & Recipes: Every weapon and armor in Kyn can either by found on the battlefield, bought from NPCs, or crafted with a schematic and the right materials. The schema system is incredibly diverse, schematics can either be obtained from different sources, or discovered by the player in a completely new crafting system. Read More
  • Interesting monsters: In Kyn, monsters don’t just get stronger, or take longer to kill. Instead monsters gain more challenging abilities and show more complex intelligence that will challenge your tactical insight as you progress. Read More